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P r e s e n t a t i o n G r a p h i c s A n d P r i n t

Collage Works has over 20 years experience in the design, production, programming and staging of presentation graphics. We have particular expertise with PowerPoint including master template design, integration of animation, audio/video elements and playback/delivery options. We have also provided cost-effective PowerPoint training to help companies improve the quality and consistency of their presentations.

We have also included several other examples of our print projects. Many of these project utilize photography across several mediums (i.e.. print, presentation and the web) to save production time and cut overall project cost.


Driven To Win - Sales Meeting Theme
The “Driven To Win” theme was designed for use at a major national sales meeting. Executions included meeting announcements, signage, giveaway items, PowerPoint presentations and more. The themes center piece was established with an opening day video that included motivational interviews with top Indianapolis 500 drivers including Scott Sharp. The sales meeting was scheduled just a few days ahead of the annual Indy race in which Scott Sharp held a favorable pole position. Sharp’s familiar yellow and red Indy car color scheme was used as the main graphic design element. View sample slides

Welch's Country Pear - New Product Introduction
This colorful template design was completely created utilizing comp elements of the new product’s packaging. In addition to sales meeting use, the presentation template was designed to be customized for broker/customer one-on-one visits. Even though the visual design was unique to Country Pear, the underlying format conformed to a standard “new product template” allowing the nation wide sales force quick and familiar updating as well as the ability to call up and easily import previous slides created using the same template. View sample slides



Welch's GMA - Executive Presentation
This Welch’s keynote presentation was given at an annual Grocery Manufacturers Association Conference. The twenty minute presentation utilized several video clips to set up and illustrate each topic section using “tongue and cheek” humor. To simplify playback and maintain high quality, DVD clips were edited and incorporated directly into PowerPoint using a specially configured laptop. The video clips were then launched to full screen DVD quality and sound using the standard PowerPoint mouse-click advance. View sample slides

ECO Corporate Identity - Template and Training
The Environmental Careers Organization needed a client customizable presentation to serve multiple internally and external uses. These uses included a base corporate ID presentation, new employee orientation, fundraising efforts and more. A PowerPoint template was created which took into account all the anticipated users as well as called upon a base library of existing images created to integrate easily into the format. Template usage guidelines, PowerPoint tip and tricks were all presented during a company wide training session to roll out the template. View sample slides



Welch's Jimmy Neutron - New Product Presentation
This sales force presentation was design to launch another in a series of famous Welch’s Jelly Glass Tumblers. The early release Neutron character and graphics were used for the design elements. The PowerPoint presentation included a short pre-release clip of video which played within the Neutron graphic screen. View sample slides



Viticulture Conference - Executive Presentation
This template design was created for an executive presentation given at the annual Viticulture Conference in New York’s grape growing region. Harvest photography and coloring help to instantly communicate the quality and richness of Welch’s Concord grape products. High quality audio clips of recent Welch’s spokes people were integrated directly into the presentation. View sample slides



National Grape Annual Meeting - Executive Presentation
This template required a colorful but easy to read design. A series of annual meetings are held across the country in several rural venues. Playback conditions vary greatly and require the most readable design possible. Staging coordination, equipment sourcing and onsite rehearsal and playback are also furnished. View sample slides


Exhibition Catalogue Postcard Mailer Nahant, The Painted Shores
Exhibit Catalogue and Postcard Mailer

Collage Works designed and produced this 76 page exhibition catalogue. We were also responsible for photographing all of the original oil paintings some of which were photographed on location as part of private collections.

We also designed and produced an oversized postcard mailer announcing the gala opening event. View samples from the catalogue and postcard mailer.


Other Print Samples.
We have included several other examples of our print projects. Often content created for one project (i.e.. print, presentation and the web) can be utilized or repurposed for another to speed production time and save overall cost.
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